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Google Performance Max Campaign Now Supports Product Collections

Reading Time: 2 minutes Google has added a new feature that helps businesses improve how they show their stuff to users. Now, they can put together pictures, videos, and text to make things more interesting. With this feature, called Google Performance Max Campaign, you can mix products together and make sets for ads or show products for free. These […]

Google Now Allows Users to Send Emails in Bulk

Reading Time: 2 minutes In July 2022, Gmail, the email client operated by Google, introduced multi-send functionality, enabling users to send mass emails efficiently. Building upon this advancement, a few months later, Google announced the inclusion of mail merge tags, which streamline the process of sending bulk emails with personalized parameters such as @firstname, @lastname, @email, and @fullname.  Earlier […]

Google Expanded Text Ads are no More?

Reading Time: 2 minutes What did we hear? Google Expanded Text Ads are no longer with us? But wait, We have good time of a few months to explore new ad options before it’s gone! It’s the time to adapt new features / new ad type of Google Ads. What is Expanded Text Ads? they are 2x bigger than […]

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