Google Expanded Text Ads are no More?

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What did we hear? Google Expanded Text Ads are no longer with us? But wait, We have good time of a few months to explore new ad options before it’s gone! It’s the time to adapt new features / new ad type of Google Ads.

What is Expanded Text Ads? they are 2x bigger than older text ads. These expanded ads were designed to increase character limits, your presence and performance on mobile search results with a bigger headline and an extra long description. (And with a mobile-first mindset, whatever works on mobile is going to get applied to desktop too.)

Expanded Text ads was having an intention to wrap automatically based on device size.

Google had started testing Expanded Text ads in Q2 of 2016 and now they are planning to shut down soon.

Here is the live picture inside Google Ads where they have stated, Starting June 30, 2022, You’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads.

What is Next?

Google has recently launched Google Responsive Ads which is winning for most of the business, Thus its increasing click through rates, conversion rates, quality scores and helping Google to get more desired results for their advertisers.

Google Responsive ads allows you to add multiple headlines and descriptions which moves automatically and matches with the user searches and so it helps us to get desired results.

With the help of responsive ads, You can put as much as information you wish, for example your products / services specs, offers, coupons, variation of content for testing etc as we have a good character limits, Google is changing their features and helping the advertisers to put desired information at once!

Please share in your comments if you’re ready with the new responsive Ads?

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