Google Performance Max Campaign Now Supports Product Collections

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Google has added a new feature that helps businesses improve how they show their stuff to users. Now, they can put together pictures, videos, and text to make things more interesting.

With this feature, called Google Performance Max Campaign, you can mix products together and make sets for ads or show products for free. These sets let you connect products with your pictures, videos, and text.

Although Google is planning to share this feature with all PMax advertisers later on, for now, it’s still in a testing phase, and they haven’t announced exactly when it will be available to everyone.

Importance & its Workings:

When we group products and assets together, it makes it easier to list and display them, saving you time and money. This can also make product information better, leading to improved product performance, more customer interest, and a better shopping experience.

Collections can have up to 100 products in them and are only for local products sold within Google Performance Max Campaign for store goals.

If you can sign up for Collections, here’s how to create a feed in Merchant Center:

  • Log in to your Merchant Center account.
  • Go to the “Products” section.
  • Click on “Feeds.”
  • Choose the “Collections Feeds” tab.
  • Click the “+” button to add a new feed.
  • Pick the places where you want your collection to show up.
  • Give your collection feed a name.
  • Decide how you want to upload your collection, and then follow the given instructions for that method.

Google hasn’t released its Collections feature to a larger audience or in other countries yet, and they haven’t announced what they’ll do with it in the future.

Right now, the feature is still being tested, and Google isn’t letting customers use it yet.

But, it’s a good chance for local marketers who qualify to reach more people in their area.

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