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Google Workspace Insights: A Look at This Week’s New Offerings by Google

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we begin a new and exciting week, Google has brought us some great new changes to help us with our work and working together as a team. We’re excited to share with you three really cool new things that have been added to Google Docs, Gmail, and Chat. These updates to Google Workspace will […]

Microsoft Advertising Kicks off August with Performance Max Open Beta and More!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Welcome to the August version of the Microsoft Advertising product summary. Last month, Microsoft Advertising honored its partners, and now it wants to go over and share some important updates about it products with Google & PPC Ads Experts.  1. Microsoft Advertising’s Performance Max is now in open beta:  Microsoft Advertising has something exciting called […]

Google Workspace Updates: What’s New From Google This Week?

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we start a new exciting week, Google has given us some fantastic new updates to make our work and teamwork even better. We’re really happy to tell you about three amazing new features for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Chat. These Google Workspace Updates will change the way you work with these tools […]

Google Issues New Policy for Google Merchant Center

Reading Time: 3 minutes Google Merchant Center introduces a new policy targeting “automated content.” Reviews generated through automated programs or AI applications will be considered spam and violate the policy.  Google also clarifies its existing Merchant Center policies and enforcement measures. While Google accepts AI-generated content if it adds value and isn’t for search manipulation, the question remains whether […]

Google Merchant Center has added a new customer support feature

Reading Time: 2 minutes Google has introduced a new customer support feature on Google Merchant Center. Making sure that customers have all the information they need for good service helps brands gain the trust of shoppers. When shoppers trust a brand, they are more likely to become loyal customers. With this new tool, retailers can enter their customer support […]

Google Ad Manager can now utilize third-party segments alongside GA4 audiences

Reading Time: 2 minutes Digital Marketers now know more about their customers and how well their Paid Advertising campaigns are doing than ever before. Google Analytics 4 allows marketers to use third-party groups of people in Google Ad Manager. By accepting a third-party group (cookies that match the characteristics of your website visitors, purchased from an external data provider), […]

Improved Search and Display Results Now Available in Google PMax Campaign

Reading Time: 2 minutes Google is offering some new upgrades to help advertisers make their ads work better and get more value from their campaigns. These upgrades are called Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Google Display Ads (GDA). PPC Experts & Advertisers can choose to use these upgrades or stick with their current setup—it’s up to them.  If they […]

Microsoft Advertising Introduces Performance Max Campaign

Reading Time: 3 minutes Microsoft Advertising helps us to use AI to save time and improve business. They introduced Performance Max, an automated ad campaign that creates the best combinations for reaching and converting customers across the network. Clients can set goals, and provide assets, and Microsoft AI handles the rest. PMAX is now available worldwide for testing. Microsoft […]

Google Performance Max Campaign Now Supports Product Collections

Reading Time: 2 minutes Google has added a new feature that helps businesses improve how they show their stuff to users. Now, they can put together pictures, videos, and text to make things more interesting. With this feature, called Google Performance Max Campaign, you can mix products together and make sets for ads or show products for free. These […]

This Week’s Google Highlights: What’s New and Noteworthy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Welcome back to our Weekly Update Roundup#3! This week, Google has some exciting updates for its products. Google Workspace now offers new features to improve team collaboration and communication, making everyone more productive! 1. Use companion mode to check in to a Google Meet conference room, so everyone can know you by name  Rollout Date: […]

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