The New Version of Google Merchant Center is Here

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Google Merchant Center

Take your business and products to the next level with Google’s upgraded Merchant Center Next! Now one can easily handle and promote your business and products on Google, both in-store and online, through the upgraded features of Merchant Center Next. It’s now even simpler to manage and advertise your business on Google. You can try it out today, or be automatically enrolled starting from Jul 31, 2023.

What’s new in Google Merchant Center Next?

Merchant Center is now simpler to use with easier product management, quicker issue solving, and comprehensive performance reporting.

Easily manage your products:

You can now edit one or more products directly in Merchant Center Next. Choose which products you want to show or hide on Google. If you have a physical store, you can display your in-store products on Google Search and Maps by adding them to your physical locations in Google Merchant Center.

Quickly fix issues with guidance:

Prioritize which products to fix based on their potential to receive clicks on Google. See the most important issues at a glance and access a list of all products that need your attention. You can easily filter products in Google Merchant Center Next with issues based on click potential, issue type, status, or title.

Understand your overall performance:

Gain valuable insights about your business, products, market, and more through comprehensive performance reports in Merchant Center Next. Find answers to your performance questions, whether you need a quick overview or a detailed analysis.

Your current setup remains unchanged:

There will be no changes to how your ad campaigns work, and your products will continue to be configured the same way.

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