Microsoft Advertising Introduces Performance Max Campaign

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Microsoft Advertising helps us to use AI to save time and improve business. They introduced Performance Max, an automated ad campaign that creates the best combinations for reaching and converting customers across the network. Clients can set goals, and provide assets, and Microsoft AI handles the rest. PMAX is now available worldwide for testing.

Microsoft wants to assist PPC Experts and Advertisers in reaching more customers and saving money. They aim to achieve this by making PPC Ads more effective with their new Performance Max Campaign.

Performance Max Campaign’s main advantages are:
  • Show eye-catching ads everywhere: With the Performance Max Campaign, Microsoft will display attractive ads on platforms like Bing, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Edge, Outlook, and others.
  • Reach the right audience: By using AI, your ad campaign will smartly show the most suitable ads to the right people.
  • Make things easier: PMAX automates tasks, saves time, and provides helpful reports for your campaigns and assets.
What you’ll need to set up a Performance Max Campaign?
  • If you want to track how well your ads are doing and if people are buying or completing specific actions on your website, you need to set up Conversion Goals using Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag or track offline conversions. If you’re using the Maximize Conversion Value bid strategy, you also need to enable revenue tracking.
  • If you want to create Product Ads, you need to have a store in the Microsoft Merchant Center. You can make one directly in Microsoft Advertising online or import it from the Google Merchant Center. Once your store is ready, you also need to have an active feed
Setting up your first Performance Max Campaign

Here are five steps to follow when setting up your first Performance Max Campaign:

  1. Track Conversions: After setting up conversion tracking, choose the most important goals for your business and assign values to each conversion.
  1. Budget and Bid Strategy: Decide on your daily budget and choose one of two bid strategies:
  • Maximize Conversion Value: This aims to get the most value from the conversions received, and you can add a target return on ad spend (tROAS) for more control.
  • Maximize Conversions: This focuses on getting as many conversions as possible within your budget, and you can add a target cost per acquisition (tCPA) for better management.
  1. Final URL Expansion: Keep this setting on to direct traffic to relevant landing pages based on the user’s search intent and generate additional assets that match your landing page content.
  1. Add Assets: Include various high-quality text and image assets with different lengths and aspect ratios to maximize your campaign’s reach.
Image Source: Microsoft Blog
  1. Add Audience Signals: Providing more inputs to Performance Max will improve the campaign’s targeting and potentially increase conversions.

Important Note: It usually takes less than a week for your ads to start running after creating the campaign, but it can take up to 10 days in some cases. The campaign will then enter a learning period, which typically lasts up to 2 weeks during beta. If the learning period is longer, contact your Microsoft Account Team or Support for assistance.

Want to try PMAX? 

Contact your Microsoft Account Team or Support to see if you qualify. To get started easily, use the Google Import tool with a few clicks. It will import your Google Performance Max campaign and turn them into Microsoft PMAX campaign drafts.

Please note that if you’ve previously used the Google Import tool to bring in Performance Max campaigns such as Smart Shopping Campaigns, Local Inventory Ads, or Dynamic Search Ads, those campaigns will be upgraded once you’re part of the beta, giving you access to the new Performance Max capabilities.

Microsoft values your feedback as Microsoft introduces this new campaign type. Your input will help the team prioritize features that can best support your success.

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