Improved Search and Display Results Now Available in Google PMax Campaign

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Google is offering some new upgrades to help advertisers make their ads work better and get more value from their campaigns. These upgrades are called Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Google Display Ads (GDA). PPC Experts & Advertisers can choose to use these upgrades or stick with their current setup—it’s up to them. 

If they decide to use the upgrades, they’ll be able to use a special tool to do it. Each upgraded campaign will have its own separate setup, but it will learn from the previous campaigns to keep things consistent.

These upgrades are great because they allow advertisers to combine different types of ads and strategies into one unified campaign called Performance Max Campaigns. This should help them get better results and improve their Return on Investment (ROI). It also gives them more ways to optimize their ads across different platforms and channels.

The upgrades come with a bunch of useful tools and features that can make campaigns perform better and give users a better experience when they see the ads.

This includes:

  • Inventory-aware ad serving: This feature makes sure that product pages that are currently out of stock won’t show up in Search. It does this automatically by considering the product inventory, and you don’t have to do anything extra.
  • Finding more converting search queries: Google PMax AI uses the campaign’s creative materials to identify search queries that are more likely to lead to conversions. This is especially useful for brands with landing pages that have limited content.
  • More control: Google has confirmed that the text assets you create will soon be visible in the asset reporting table. This is beneficial for advertisers because it allows them to easily delete text assets whenever they want.
  • Better User Serving Intent: With automatically created assets, Google PMax Campaign can customize Search ads to match what consumers are looking for more effectively.
  • Better insights: Google is adding more search categories and the option to apply date ranges for deeper insights. Advertisers will also be able to download these insights through the Google Ads API soon.
Google’s Key Highlight:

According to Google, when advertisers switch their DSA campaigns to Google PMax Campaign, they experience an average boost of more than 15% in the number of people taking action (conversions) and the value of those actions, all while keeping the cost per action similar. Similarly, when they upgrade their Google Display campaigns to Google PMax Campaign, they see an average increase of more than 20% in conversions, and this improvement remains even if the brand already has a Google PMax campaign running.

If you have any questions or worries about upcoming changes from Google PMax Campaign, feel free to ask by leaving a comment below. 

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