Google’s Continued Improvements to App Campaigns

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App Campaigns

Google unveiled a groundbreaking approach to Google Ads App Campaigns, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure optimal engagement across Google’s expansive network. Brace yourself for the ultimate app revolution, as Google enhanced your reach and empowers users to discover thrilling new apps.

Here are some ways Google is expanding its reach across channels:
  • Diversified Ad Formats: Google is investing in new ad formats that prioritize content across platforms such as Search, Play, Discover, AdMob, and YouTube. These formats include enhanced Call-to-Action on Search and rich lists on Play, with more formats in the pipeline.
  • YouTube Shorts Enhancements: Google has expanded the ads experience on YouTube Shorts by introducing an install overlay, making app downloads easier and more contextual for users. To maximize the potential of this inventory, Google recommends uploading more vertical video assets as part of your App campaigns.
  • Enhanced App Discovery: Similar to the Google App Discovery experience for general searches on Google Play, Google will soon display relevant ads at the top of the search results page for app-specific queries. This feature will enable developers of all sizes to reach their target audience during a crucial phase of the installation process. 

By leveraging these advancements, you can amplify your app’s presence across multiple channels, capitalize on user engagement, and optimize your Google ads performance.

Enhance Your App Campaign Performance with Advanced Tools and Insights:
  • Optimize your ad group feeds by enabling feed filtering, promotional assets, and seasonality adjustments. This empowers you to manage peak moments and capture user demand effectively.
  • Take advantage of actionable insights such as optimization score and auction insights to enhance the performance of your Google Ads campaigns and overall account.
  • Enjoy improved deferred deep linking (DDL) capabilities, now available at the ad group level. This allows users to seamlessly access app experiences that align with the theme of your specific ad group.
  • Reduce installation friction for users who pre-register with the introduction of auto-install. Users can instantly access a title upon its launch, eliminating the need to install it separately within Google Play.
#Surprise Update: 

Google will soon introduce a new creative testing tool that enables you to compare the performance of your various video assets. This feature is currently under beta testing and will be available later this year.

Google Ads App Campaigns
Preview of new asset uplift tool

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This collaborative approach enables advertisers to empower them to plan effective Pay Per Click advertising strategies and optimize their Google Ads campaigns for better performance.

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