Google Workspace Insights: A Look at This Week’s New Offerings by Google

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As we begin a new and exciting week, Google has brought us some great new changes to help us with our work and working together as a team. We’re excited to share with you three really cool new things that have been added to Google Docs, Gmail, and Chat. These updates to Google Workspace will make using these tools better and help you get your work done more easily and quickly!

So, get ready to test out the newest improvements and have a smoother and better time using these digital tools:

1. Addition of line numbers to Google Docs

Rollout Date: Monday, 7 Aug 2023

Google has made Google Docs even better by adding more ways to control how your document looks. Now, Google will be introducing a new feature: line numbers. These numbers show up next to each line in your document when you’re viewing it like a book.

You can choose where these numbers appear – on the whole document, just one page, or a particular part. And guess what? These numbers stay there even when you print your copy. This is helpful when working with others on a big or tricky document. You can easily talk about specific parts using these line numbers.

2. Negotiate time directly in Gmail to schedule meetings faster

Rollout Date: Wednesday, 9 Aug 2023

Google will be adding a feature to Gmail that helps you find the best times for one-on-one meetings. This is useful when scheduling with customers, partners, or people whose calendars you can’t see.

While writing an email, you’ll see a new calendar icon where you can:

  • Show when you’re free: Your calendar pops up on the side, so you can pick and add possible meeting times to the email. The recipient can choose one and get a calendar invite.
  • Make an event: Quickly set up a meeting and share the details in the email. The event info is inserted in the email, making it easy to share. This used to be in a menu at the top.
3. In-line replies are now available within announcement spaces in Google Chat

Rollout Date: Monday, 14 Aug 2023

A few months ago, Google made it possible for people in charge of spaces to set up special places where they can share important news with their group. These special places are meant for one-way communication using Google Chat. Now, Google will be making it even better by adding a choice to let people in the space reply to or talk about the news that’s shared.

Source: Google

We hope we’ve given you useful information about upcoming changes in Google Workspace.

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