Meta Continues to Improve Videos on Facebook

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Facebook has introduced some updates that allow you to use the same editing tools as Reels to create exciting videos for your Facebook Feed.
  • The Video tab is now the main place to find all types of videos on Facebook, such as Reels, longer videos, and Live content.
  • Facebook has also made it simpler to discover videos on popular subjects and trends. You can now easily interact with recommended Instagram Reels directly on Facebook.

Video is really important on Facebook. People have been able to post short videos on their Feeds since 2007. Nowadays, Facebook has different types of videos like Reels, long-form videos, and Live videos. These videos attract people to Facebook because they can watch videos about things they enjoy, learn about new stuff, and connect with others who have similar interests.

Facebook is still putting a lot of effort into video, so Facebook wants to tell you about the newest ways Facebook is making it easier for people to make, discover, and interact with videos on Facebook.

Facebook makes video editing easier

Creating videos on Facebook just got easier! Facebook added more editing tools to Reels in your feed, making it simple to make awesome videos. You can express yourself in new ways with our video editing tools, whether you’re sharing with friends or reaching people with similar interests. Here’s what’s new:

Seamless editing: Combine audio, music, and text in one place to create the perfect reel. Now available on Meta Business Suite too!

More clip editing options: Speed up, reverse, or replace clips to add creativity to your videos.

Enhanced audio: Add music, audio clips, record voiceovers, and reduce background noise.

Image Source: Facebook

Plus, you can now upload HDR videos from your phone to Reels, and they’ll play in full HDR quality. Facebook is working on bringing HDR support to all our apps. Enjoy editing your videos with these exciting updates!

All Videos in One Place on Facebook

Facebook has created a Video tab where you can find all types of videos in one place. It suggests popular reels, long videos from top creators, and live content. The tab has a personalized feed for scrolling through different videos, and there are new sections for quickly accessing recommended short videos. You’ll soon find the Video tab in the shortcut bar of the Facebook app on iOS and Android.

Discover Popular Videos on Facebook

Facebook made changes to the way you can explore videos, so it’s easier for you to find and explore popular video topics. Just tap the search icon in the Video tab to access Explore. There, you’ll discover a wide range of reels, longer videos, and live videos that are all about interesting and relevant subjects. Our team of humans and smart machines work together to pick out the most popular topics and videos, so  Facebook can show you the ones  Facebook thinks you’ll love and find captivating.

Engage with Instagram Reels on Facebook

You can now watch Instagram Reels on Facebook, which is helpful for Instagram creators who don’t use Facebook. It allows more people to see their content and combines the best of Instagram and Facebook Reels in one location.

On Facebook, you can now watch recommended Instagram Reels and leave comments without having to switch between apps. To begin, you can link your Facebook and Instagram accounts in the Accounts Center. This makes it simpler to connect with the things and people you care about, regardless of which app you prefer to use.

This is only the start. Facebook will keep making more tools for people who create things, so they can show themselves, gather fans, and make money. Facebook also improves the features that help you find what you like and customize your experience, giving you more control.

Image Source: Facebook

Facebook aims to gather constructive feedback by introducing these updates to researchers during the early stages of development. This approach enables Facebook to refine and improve its tools to better meet the needs of researchers.

Stay tuned to get new updates and news regarding Meta, Facebook, and Pay per click ads.

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