Facebook Ads are Now Expanding on Reels

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Facebook is expanding its Ads on Reels program, allowing more creators to earn money by sharing engaging public reels. The program is being extended to thousands of creators on Facebook and will soon be tested on Instagram as well. 

The payout model is changing to be based on the performance of creators’ reels rather than the ad earnings. Creators will be paid based on the number of plays their reels receive, incentivizing them to create compelling content. 

This shift benefits creators by letting them focus on audience engagement, advertisers by increasing ad inventory, and viewers by delivering more relevant ads on Facebook.

How to Earn: 

Creators can earn money based on the performance of their content. The more successful their reel is, the higher their earnings. Additional factors may be considered in the future. 

Previously, creators’ ad earnings were influenced by variables beyond their control, such as the number of ads shown to viewers or the availability of relevant Facebook ads. 

This performance-based model allows creators to focus on resonating with their audience, advertisers to reach more people, and viewers to enjoy a consistent and relevant viewing experience. 

The new payout model will be implemented for creators joining the test, transitioning those already testing Ads on Facebook Reels, and testing Ads on Instagram Reels in select markets. Additionally, a performance-based payout model will be tested for In-Stream ads on Facebook with a small group of creators.

How to Participate:

Building on this initiative, Facebook is also going to announce that in the upcoming weeks, they will be conducting trials of a similar program on Instagram, providing even more opportunities for creators to monetize their compelling content across multiple platforms.

To qualify for an invitation on Facebook, creators must reside in one of the 52 designated countries and fulfill specific minimum requirements. 

Here is the list of 52 countries: 

Also, refer to this Facebook article for more information about eligibility requirements for ads on Facebook Reels.

Once added to the testing phase, creators need to complete the onboarding process to start earning from Facebook Ads on Reels. This process involves accepting the terms of use and providing payout details. Afterward, they simply need to keep creating captivating Reels to generate earnings.

To confirm your involvement in the initial program on Facebook, visit the Professional Dashboard and navigate to the Monetization Tools section. If you have received an invitation, you will find the option for Facebook Ads on Reels, and you can select “Set up” to begin the onboarding process.

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