What’s New from Google: Updates to Look Forward to This Week?

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Welcome to our Weekly Update Roundup#2 on Google’s Upcoming Updates! 

This is the place to be if you want to know all the new things happening at Google. This week, Google has some exciting updates for its different products. Google Workspace now has new features that help teams work together better and communicate more effectively, making them more productive.

1. Improved meeting room suggestions in Google Calendar

Rollout Date: Monday, 17 Jul 2023

Previously, there were two room suggestion types based on Google Calendar settings: frequently used rooms and structured meeting rooms based on attendees’ preferred locations. Now, these options are combined to optimize meeting rooms, considering user working locations. If location data is unavailable, frequently used rooms will be suggested.

Learn more about the Improved meeting room suggestions in Google Calendar.

2. Improving table placements in Google Docs 

Rollout Date: Tuesday, 18 Jul 2023

Google recently made enhancements to the formatting and customization options for tables of contents in Google Docs. Google also reorganized the table properties sidebar. Now, Google is introducing improved table positioning options for documents in page format. These new features give you more flexibility and control over table layouts in Docs. You can drag tables to place them exactly where you want, wrap content around tables with specified wrap direction and margin, set fixed positions for tables, and use quick layouts to move tables to preset positions on a page instantly. Furthermore, we’ve improved the import/export of Word documents with tables to ensure consistency in your documents.

Learn more about the upcoming update here

3. Easily conversion of emails & links into smart chips in Google Sheets 

Rollout Date: Wednesday, 19 Jul 2023

Now, you can turn a link into a smart chip in Google Sheets by simply adding the link and pressing the tab key. This feature is useful when you want to copy and paste email addresses, links to Google Drive files, Google Maps places, or YouTube videos into your Sheet. Learn more about inserting smart chips in your Google Sheets

4. Google Sheets is now integrated with mail merge in Gmail 

Rollout Date: Wednesday, 19 Jul 2023

Last year, Google made it simpler to send separate emails to multiple people through Gmail with the introduction of multi-send. Google also added the option to personalize these emails using tags like @firstname and @lastname.

Today, Google is thrilled to share that mail merge in Gmail’s web version will now support Google Sheets. This means you can connect a Sheet with up to 1,500 recipients and use any data column from your Sheet as a mail merge tag.

Learn more about the Google Sheets integration with Mail merge in Gmail.

5. Paid appointment bookings now available in Google Calendar 

Rollout Date: Thursday, 20 Jul 2023

In simple terms, Google is making the appointment scheduling feature in Google Calendar even better. Now, Google is adding the option for appointment providers to charge a fee for their services. They can connect their Stripe account (a payment processing service) to Google Calendar and set a price for their appointments. People who want to book an appointment will go to the booking page, pick a time that works for them, and provide their credit card details.

Learn more about Paid appointment bookings in Google Calendar here.

We hope to have provided you with insightful updates.

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