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“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”

Henry Ford

Google has given us the liberty to customize our ads and make it as unique as possible. This is one of the main reasons for Google’s popularity when compared to other advertising networks.

Google has given us the opportunity to make our ads look good and attractive with the add-ons, now it isn’t just about basic text ads or just short headlines and descriptions. We have add-ons as I told you earlier known as extensions or we can say that these are the extra features added to an ad and clearly who doesn’t like something extra in their life?

Extensions are known to increase the click through rate more efficiently and today through this post let’s just have a look at the best extensions that an advertiser uses to change the game and to make their ads look more attractive, appealing and different from all the similar ads.

So what are google ad extensions? If you have no idea about this then don’t worry, all that is going to change after reading our today’s post and this will help you to gain knowledge about extensions.

What are Google Ads Extensions?

We all have noticed the ads appearing on google but many few of you might have noticed that the extra information given along with the headlines and descriptions are actually extensions These extensions are not added by default but are added by the advertiser for giving the extra information about the product/service. Extensions are also known for increasing the click-through rate (CTR) between 10-25%. In this competitive market, it is very important for marketers to stand out from the crowd and extensions help in making the ad look different and more clickable than normal text ads.

You might have this question, do we have to pay more for adding these extensions i n the ad? The answer to your question is NO. These extensions are taking no extra cost for adding them to your ad. Yes, most importantly we do not add every extension to the ads, we use specific extensions for every ad and that depends on the nature of the product/service we are promoting.

Most commonly used extensions 

  • Sitelink Extension
  • Structured Snippets Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • Call Extension
  • Location Extension
  • Price Extension
  • Promotion Extension
  • Image Extension

These are the most commonly used extensions in the Google ads

Let us now talk about the extensions one by one


This extension is added to take the user to the different landing pages of the website. It is known for significantly increasing the click through rate of the search ads. This extension allows us to add a minimum of 2 sitelinks and a maximum of 6 sitelinks in a Google ad. We can also add a two-line description to every sitelink.

In recent studies, we have observed that sitelink extensions are capable of increasing CTR by an average of 8%

Moving forward to the next extension


This extension of google ads allows you to highlight the aspects of their product/service. It gives the customer a better idea about what exactly the business is selling and what is the ad all about. Appears at the bottom of the ad. It’s recommended by Google Ads Experts that structured snippets should be added more than one per ad.

Callout Extension

Another highly popular and important extension is the callout extension. Usually, people get confused between callouts and call extensions but today we will understand them individually without any confusion in mind. Callout extensions are something that helps us in telling the special features of the product/service we are promoting through the ad. Callouts should immediately catch the attention of the person looking at your ad and it should make an impact on the people’s minds which will make them buy that particular product/service. There is a limit of 25 characters per callout.

Call Extension

This extension allows people to call the business through the ad for queries and other important information. Call Extension is the only way where the user can get in touch with the business for any required information, Google Ads Strategists believe that this is the most important and helpful extension to be added to your Google ads.

Location Extension

This extension is an ideal extension for any business with a physical store. By using the location extension google will display the complete address of the business and where exactly the business is located without having to click on the ad. Secondly, clicking on it will automatically pull up the business’s location on Google Maps, which will guide the user to the correct and exact location of the business where it is located.

Price Extension

As the name says this extension provides us  with the pricing information about the product/service. Google displays up to eight pricing cards. Before buying any product or opting for any service, we all are concerned about the price, this is the solution we can add this extension in our ad and it is useful for the businesses who have high end products and if they are using this extension, then only relevant and genuine traffic will click on the ad and the people who do not want such expensive products won’t even click on the ad which will save our cost. Google Experts suggest working with this extension for businesses with fixed prices and less recommended to the businesses that have fluctuating prices.

Promotion Extension

Another must-use extension for the business is, if there are any promotional offers on the ads on special holiday promotions and sales. It can be anything like a summer sale or an independence day sale. Through this extension we let people know about our ongoing special offers which will get us more leads because who doesn’t like discounts and special offs on the products? Promotion extensions can be scheduled to turn on and off on specific dates. By clicking on the promotion extension it directly takes the user to the promotion page of the website.

Image Extension

The type of extension is that allows the user to upload clear, relevant images to complement the search ads. Using good images and attractive images will help you drive more customers towards your business because it is a treat to the eyes along with text and it keeps the interest of the user alive with images.

Other than this we have some more extensions those are 

  • Lead From Extension
  • Affiliate Location Extension
  • App Extension
Google Ads Extensions Summary

I hope this blog has provided a good amount of knowledge about the most used extensions and no matter what your business is about you should use the extensions in Google ads because extensions increase the overall look of your ad and provide enough size to grab users’ attention.

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