Understanding Google Ads’ Updated Location Asset Requirements: What Advertisers Need to Know

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Google Ads is gearing up for substantial updates to its Location asset requirements in December. These revisions are geared towards providing clearer guidelines on acceptable location assets while restricting ineligible ones. The goal is to refine the accuracy and significance of location-based information in ads, aligning the displayed assets more accurately with the businesses behind the ads.

Clarification of Restricted Location Assets

Google Ads has confirmed that the impending update will define prohibited location assets. This clarity aims to eliminate ambiguity for advertisers, ensuring compliance with new guidelines. Understanding these restrictions is crucial for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of displayed ad information.

Prohibited Location Assets

The revised Location asset requirements will explicitly disallow certain types of locations. These include:

  • Closed Locations: Non-operational or permanently closed locations won’t be allowed as Google Ads location assets.
  • Unrecognized Locations: Google will not accept locations that are not recognized or verified within their database.
  • Mismatched Business Locations: Locations not corresponding to the ad-running business will be prohibited.
  • Inaccurate Product/Service Match: Assets showcasing products or services that do not align with the specified location will not be allowed.
Significance of Compliant Location Assets

Incorporating location assets in ads significantly enhances conversion potential by providing accurate business details to potential customers. Non-compliance may result in critical omissions, impacting return on investment.


Google Ads’ upcoming Location asset updates aim to enhance ad accuracy. Advertisers should understand these changes for compliant ads, ensuring alignment with businesses and improving conversion potential. Adapting to these updates is crucial for maximizing returns in the Google Ads ecosystem. Aligning ads with these guidelines not only ensures compliance but also enhances ad performance by providing accurate location information to potential customers.

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