This Week’s Google Highlights: What’s New and Noteworthy?

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Google Workspace

Welcome back to our Weekly Update Roundup#3!

This week, Google has some exciting updates for its products. Google Workspace now offers new features to improve team collaboration and communication, making everyone more productive!

1. Use companion mode to check in to a Google Meet conference room, so everyone can know you by name 

Rollout Date: Monday, 24th Jul 2023

When you attend a virtual meeting from a conference room, the problem is that people are recognized by the room’s name and not their individual names. But now, Google Meet has introduced a new feature called “companion mode check-in.” With this feature, if you join a meeting from a conference room, you can use your own personal device to check in to that particular room. This way, everyone in the meeting can see the names of the individuals present in the conference room instead of just the room’s name.

Learn more about the upcoming update here

Image Source: Google
2. AppSheet Core licenses will be included by default for more Google Workspace editions, along with a new Admin security setting 

Rollout Date: Tuesday, 25 Jul 2023

AppSheet Core is now included for more Google Workspace editions, making it accessible to more users. Certain editions already had it included. Domain verification is required. Admins can control usage and data sharing with a new setting. 

Learn more about the upcoming update here

3. Paid appointment bookings now available in Google Calendar

Rollout Date: Thursday, 27 Jul 2023

Google Calendar is making appointment scheduling even better! They have a new feature where you can now offer paid appointments. If you provide appointments, you can connect your Stripe account to Google Calendar and set a price for your services. People who want to book your appointment will visit a booking page, pick the time they want, and pay using their credit card.
Learn more about the Paid appointment bookings now available in Google Calendar

Image Source: Google

We hope to have provided you with insightful updates.

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