How Google Ads can help you to achieve your Business Goals

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Let’s take a deep dive into Google Ads, to know How it can help you grow your business effectively!

As we all know Google is the most used search engine in the world. Google is used by everybody around the world to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems;

From back pains to the best movie to watch tonight, from where to get the best haircut near me to the best place to have brunch in town.

Google has answers to every question. So, why not use it to advertise/ promote your business!

Google Ads was launched by google in 2000 and since then it has become the leading marketing channel, where an advertiser pays for each click or impression of their ad. Advertising on Google can be very effective and efficient, let’s see some of its benefits –

1.Google’s immense popularity and reach

As we discussed above, Google is no longer just a term, it has become a huge brand and everybody, even the kids today know that you can just say, “ Hey, Google” and ask for anything you want to know about!

Google receives more than 5 billion searches every day, and if you can help them answer their questions for which you have the solutions even through an ad, it will help you reach your target customer without much effort.

2. Proficient Targeting

Google’s efficient targeting capabilities help you to target your potential customers directly and exclude which are not, isn’t it great, you get to choose your customers which saves you time and money!

There are different ways of targeting your customers, let’s take a look at the choices we have –

  • Keywords – You can choose and add the words or phrases that are related to your product or services, and the users who’ll search for those keywords will see your ad.

For instance – If you have a salon, you can target keywords like –

“Hair salon near me”

“Best hairstylist in town”

And, you can exclude the words which are not relevant for your business, if someone searches for, “ how to cut hair at home”

You can add words – “how”, “at home”, “DIY” in negative keywords, this helps you prevent irrelevant clicks on your ads.

  • Location-Based Targeting – You can select a particular area to show your ads on and exclude the one which you don’t want to target.

E.g. – If you want to target the UK but you don’t want clicks from London, in such cases you can target the UK and exclude London.

  • Age, Gender, Language – You can choose the gender, age, the language of your targeted customers.
  •  Ad Scheduling – You can schedule your ads as per your business timings and days.
  • Device Level – You can choose the most preferred device (mobile, tablets, desktop, tv screens) and bid on it as per their performance.

3.You can have full control over your Budget

You start your campaigns with any budget and can increase as per the performance of your campaigns. Some business services can cost you hundreds of dollars to gain clicks but with the right choice of keywords and bids, you can control your spending.

4. Get faster and effective results

Google ads give you immediate results whereas SEO takes time. You can set up a campaign today and see results from the very next day.

It’s like a magic seed that grows the plant overnight, but of course, if done correctly.

With the right bidding strategy and bids, you can show your ads on the top position and get leads fast, and with proper optimization and constant improvements you can achieve great results.

There’s no more slow and steady wins the race it has become fast & smart wins it all!

5.Easy to understand Ads format

Google ads allow you to create as many ads and mention your business description in a creative way. With creative writing, you can highlight your business’s unique selling points which attract users to interact with your ads.

Google has ad extensions that can enhance your ads and make them even more appealing. You can monitor your ads performance through the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate, cost per click, conversions, cost per conversion.

6. Google Ads help you increase your brand recognition

Google Ads is more than just getting clicks, conversions for your services, with the right keywords, ads, and customer reviews Google can help you build your brand awareness which will bring you direct sales or offline conversions as well.

7. You can beat all your competitors

With the right bidding of keywords you can show your ads on top by beating all your competitors, as there is a popular saying, “ First comes, first served”

The ad which is shown at the top matters the most and no one chooses the services which are shown at the bottom of the page and Google Ads can help you show your ads above your competitors!

8. Get maximum Return on your Ads Spend

Google Ads offers different bidding strategies to get maximum return on your investment, you can choose the bidding strategy which defines your marketing goal to ensure maximum ROI.

9. Remarketing and Retargeting

Google remarketing ads with retargeting campaigns cost less to reach the same audience and is highly cost-effective to online advertisers.

With all the benefits mentioned above of Google Ads, your question, Why to use Google Ads should have changed to Why not use Google Ads!

 if you are interested in growing your business fast and avail yourself of all the benefits because

To achieve all your marketing objectives and goals you need a Google Ads Specialist to do it.

We are the experts in the area and if you want us to set up and manage your Google Ads campaigns, grow your business, and avail all the benefits, contact us now

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