New Brand Settings in Google Ads Search and Performance Max Campaigns

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The way digital marketing works is changing. Now, there are more tools that use AI to get better results. One of these tools is called Search with broad match and Performance Max campaigns. These tools work together to make your ads more effective on Google. Google listened to your feedback and understands that you want more control over where your ads show up. That’s why we’ve added two new features: brand restrictions for Search campaigns and brand exclusions for Performance Max Campaigns. These features allow you to guide Google AI and have more say in where your Google Ads are displayed.

Target specific brand traffic by setting brand restrictions for your Search campaigns.

You can now control the type of traffic you want for your brand’s search campaigns. Previously, you couldn’t use broad match for branded searches because you needed to exclude non-brand traffic. But now, Google has introduced brand restrictions in a broad match. This means you can enjoy the advantages of a broad match while only targeting the brand-specific traffic you desire. These brand restrictions will be available worldwide starting next week.

Use brand restrictions with your broad match campaigns

Brand restrictions limit your broad match Google ads to appear only when people search for specific brands or related products. For example, if you choose “Fitbit” as a brand, your Google ads will only show up when someone searches for Fitbit or products related to Fitbit, like the Versa 4. This allows you to reach a wider audience and improve performance while still focusing on specific brand requirements.

Remember that brand restrictions don’t make keyword matching wider, but they limit broad matches to only include queries that have the brands or products related to the brands you choose.

You can access brand restrictions by turning on the new broad match campaign setting. This setting is only available for broad match campaigns, and Google has made it easy for you to upgrade your entire campaign to broad match with a single click.

Please note that using broad match keywords campaign setting will affect how keywords are selected. This change in prioritization only applies if you enable the broad match campaign setting. Campaigns that don’t enable this setting will not be affected.

Google can exclude brand traffic from Performance max campaigns, where needed

In February, Google announced brand exclusions for Performance Max. Now, after completing beta testing, they’re rolling out to all advertisers. This feature allows you to choose which brands to exclude from your Google ads on the Search and Shopping inventory. It provides more control, ensuring your Performance Max campaigns don’t show ads for specific branded queries you want to avoid, including misspelled brand names and foreign language searches. You can select brands to exclude, even your own or third-party brands. If any brands are missing from the list, you can request additions in Google Ads. Monitor the impact of exclusions on your reach and performance for optimal results.

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Exclude brand terms from Performance Max campaigns

If certain brand rules prevent you from trying Performance Max Campaigns before, now you have the opportunity to exclude those brands and start your campaign.

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