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Points to be covered today in this blog

  • What is a local campaign?
  • What is a performance max campaign?
  • Why is the local campaign getting replaced and how is it different from the performance max campaign?
  • Our own results while comparing the two campaigns

Today, we have the two campaigns to be compared and know why exactly the local campaign is saying goodbye to google ads and why the performance max campaign is taking over the local campaign. In our previous blog we have already seen that performance max is replacing local campaign but today we will know the reason behind this and know the difference between the two. Before beginning with the difference, first let us understand them individually and then compare them further.

Local Campaign 

Local campaign is a type of campaign where the advertisers focus on driving more traffic towards shop visits and in-store sales, this campaign makes it easy for the customers to find the stuff they need in the nearby stores, it provides the direction to the customers to reach out the store through google maps. Local campaign is a very powerful and effective tool for businesses because through this the businesses experience an increase in sales. It is an offline way of purchasing stuff but through online advertising. Local campaigns help in promoting the location of your store across different google properties. This was a little brief about local campaign and let us have a look at our other campaign in opposition to local campaign.

Performance Max Campaign

We have our second campaign here to understand what exactly a performance max campaign is. It is the type of campaign where it allows the user to have access across all the Google’s channels such as Search, Display, Discover, Gmail etc. in a single campaign, it is the most preferred campaign by Google Ads Experts because it is easy to manage this campaign as the bidding is automated by Google which does not take place in other campaigns, the advertiser has to give or set the bids for the campaign but here the burden of setting bids is taken over by google and advertiser just has to provide the ad assets to this campaign type and then just have to wait for the results this campaign is capable of giving.

WHY is the local campaign getting replaced and how is it different from performance max campaign? 

Here’s the main topic why exactly it is getting replaced and what are possible reasons for its replacement with performance max campaign, so here we go with the list of reasons  

The features which we get in local campaign are the features we are already getting in performance max campaign along with other google channels, performance max is also capable of showing us the directions like local campaign does so what is the need to create local campaign?

Here in the above difference we can see that the clear winner is performance max campaign 

Us working with local and performance max campaign

Here are our own results with both the campaigns to be compared and you can clearly see the difference in the numbers of local campaign and performance max campaign. Be it more conversions, better clicks & impressions, higher click through rate, more number of phone calls, huge difference in the percentage of conversion rate and most importantly lesser cost and cost per conversion which is exactly what a business expects in the return if they are spending on the advertising. These numbers are hard to achieve on your own. You will have to take the help of  Google Ads Strategists to get these astonishing results for your business.

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