How AI Influences What You See on Facebook and Instagram

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Key Points:

  • Facebook is providing more information about how our AI systems rank content for your Feed, Reels, Stories, and other surfaces.
  • Facebook is enhancing user control to make it simpler for you to manage and customize the content you see.
  • Facebook is introducing new tools to support public interest research initiatives.

Facebook and Instagram use AI systems to personalize content for their billions of users. To increase transparency and user control, Meta (formerly Facebook) is introducing system cards that explain how AI ranks content and shares information about predictive models. 

They also use signals to identify and remove harmful content but avoid disclosing exploitable signals. The “Why Am I Seeing This?” feature is being expanded, allowing users to understand content recommendations. Customization controls are being centralized, enabling users to shape their experiences. Tools like “Interested” and “Not Interested” on Instagram and the “Show more, Show less” feature on Facebook provide feedback and influence content visibility. 

Facebook and Instagram

Image Source: Facebook

Meta is committed to open research and innovation, having released over 1,000 AI models to researchers. They plan to introduce Meta’s Content Library and API, providing comprehensive access to public content for research purposes. Through transparency, customization, and research support, Meta aims to address user concerns, promote responsible AI development, and empower users with more insight and control over their content experience.

Image Source: Facebook

Facebook aims to gather constructive feedback by introducing these updates to researchers during the early stages of development. This approach enables Facebook to refine and improve its tools to better meet the needs of researchers.

Stay tuned to get new updates and news regarding Facebook and Pay per click ads.

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