Grow Demand with Discovery Ads Using Google’s New Feature

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Nowadays, when people shop online, they use various websites and apps like YouTube, Discover, and Gmail to find information about products and brands. In fact, more than half of consumers use these platforms when they’re researching something new. When they discover something interesting, 91% take action immediately. Advertisers need to reach these potential customers when they’re ready to make a decision. We’re excited to let you know about some exciting improvements to Discovery ads that will help your brand stand out on our most engaging ad platforms:

  • Attract attention from the audience by showcasing your products.
  • Use data to track your results at the product level and understand which strategies are working.
  • Conduct Conversion Lift experiments to measure your Google Ads’ additional impact on driving conversions.

Google Discovery Ads now offer more engaging layouts and product feeds are available to all advertisers. By using product feeds, advertisers can show consumers relevant items based on their interests, leading to 45% more conversions on average. These feeds can be combined with Video action campaigns for deeper engagement on YouTube.

An example of Pandora using product feeds for Discovery ads.

Businesses are using Google’s platforms to attract more customers. Pandora, a popular jewelry brand, worked with iProspect to advertise their products using engaging images and Google’s audience targeting. They focused on reaching potential customers who are interested in luxury travel and beauty. This approach helped them increase sales by 94% from new customers and achieve a 28% higher return on their advertising investment compared to the previous year.

Improve reporting and measurement to get better results from data

Advertisers want to keep growing sustainably, so they need to be more efficient in how they measure and optimize their advertising. Google has some new updates in reporting and measurement that can help advertisers understand how well their Discovery and Video action campaigns are performing. Starting this month, advertisers will be able to see how each item in their Google Merchant Center catalog is doing in terms of things like how many times it’s been seen or clicked on. For example, a retailer who sells many different products can now see which ones are getting more attention and make decisions based on that information.

Source: Google

A UI screenshot of product-level reporting within Google Ads. 

Starting in Q2, Discovery advertisers can use data-driven attribution (DDA) in the Google ecosystem to accurately measure campaign performance. DDA credits conversions based on user engagement and helps identify impactful ad campaigns. Advertisers can combine DDA with automated bidding strategies for more conversions. Additionally, Conversion Lift experiments measure incremental conversions based on users or geography.

If you run Discovery ads and Video action campaigns as an advertiser, you can use Conversion Lift to measure their impact together based on location. Contact your Google account representative to find out how you can join.

Google will be providing more opportunities to help your brand attract customers using Google and YouTube in the next few months. In the meantime, Google suggests following their best practices guide to create, manage, and improve your campaigns more effectively.

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