Google Merchant Center has added a new customer support feature

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Google Merchant Center

Google has introduced a new customer support feature on Google Merchant Center.

Making sure that customers have all the information they need for good service helps brands gain the trust of shoppers. When shoppers trust a brand, they are more likely to become loyal customers.

With this new tool, retailers can enter their customer support information and return policy.

Google Merchant Center can then share this information with shoppers, making it easy for them to access without leaving the program.

Many people get upset and unhappy when they can’t find customer support and returns information while shopping online. If they can easily search for these details in the Google Merchant Center, it makes their shopping experience better and helps them trust the brand more. When people trust a brand, they are more likely to buy things from them and keep coming back as loyal customers.

Here are simple instructions from Google on how retailers can add their customer support information:
  • Go to the Google Merchant Center website and log in.
  • On the Home page, find the “Add customer support info” section.
  • Click on ‘Add info’.
  • Enter the following customer support details:
  • Customer service telephone number
  • Customer service email address
  • Customer service web page URL (a link to a customer service form)
  • If your business offers live chat support, turn on the “Live chat support available” button.
  • If your business has a chatbot for support, turn on the “Chatbot support available” button.
  • After providing the information, choose your preferred contact method.
  • When you’ve completed these steps, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’.

Google Says, It wants businesses to offer customer service information. They say it’s essential because it helps both the business and the customers. When customers have problems with a product or service, good customer service can assist them. This kind of support builds trust between the business and its customers. So, it’s important for businesses to let their customers know how they can get help when needed.

Read the Google Merchant Center customer support guide for more information.

Google Merchant Center has made a big change that helps businesses talk to their customers in a better way. Now, they have a new customer support feature. 

This update is really helpful because it gives quick help, solves problems faster, and gives personalized support. It’s a great improvement for businesses and their customers. 

So, you should use this update to make your business better and keep your customers happy for a long time.

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