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We are back with a fresh edition of insights and updates to keep you at the forefront of digital marketing. In this news blog, we dive into the latest happenings, best deals, and essential tips shared by a top Google ads specialist to make your conversion tracking game stronger.

The Best Deal in Tracking

Bob Meijer & Miles McNair are bringing you an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Dive deep into the world of advanced conversion tracking on February 8th, 2:00 – 4:30 pm CET, for just €99. Plus, get free access to the Conversion Tracking Mastery Course (€199 value).

Google’s Experimentation From Look-Alike Shopping Sections to FeedX

Discover the latest testing revelations from Daniel Nørgaard on Google’s look-alike shopping section and the release of FeedX. FeedX, an open-source tool by Google Data Scientists, allows A/B testing on Shopping feeds, promising reliable results through industry best practices.

GDPR Banners and Offline Conversions

Stay compliant with Thomas Eccel’s revelation about potential Google actions against accounts lacking GDPR consent banners. Plus, Niklas Buschner advises on updating for Consent mode V2 when sending offline conversions to Ads via Zappier.

Performance Highlights, Unveiling Google Ads Secrets

Arpan Banerjee shares exclusive information about the categories in Google Ads’ Performance Highlights. Get the inside scoop on how to leverage these insights for optimal results.

Latest Reports and Policy Updates, Staying Informed

Get the latest findings from the Tinuiti Q4 2023 report, highlighting CPC increases and other trends. Thomas Eccel explores new Circle layout styles in Google Ads, while PPC Greg updates on Demand Gen Features.

Policy Updates and Important Dates, Mark Your Calendar

Stay ahead of policy changes with Scott Carruthers’ pop-up update on the Gambling and games policy. Also, note upcoming changes in plumbing ads restrictions in the Netherlands and the Display & Video 360 API terms update.

Gemini’s Conversational Experience and Other Google Ads Updates

Find out how Gemini is transforming the conversational experience in Google Ads, with a rollout to all advertisers in the US and UK. Teodor Yordanov uncovers Google’s testing of one headline only in ads, and Joe Robinson shares the countdown to the removal of UA data.

Looker Studio and GA4

Discover the latest Looker Studio product updates and Google’s new series on YouTube for reporting in GA4. Keep your knowledge up-to-date with the advancements in custom value formatting and download controls.

Insider Tips and Workarounds, Navigating Google Ads Changes

Explore Tina’s workaround for the end date of an experiment and Arpan Banerjee’s shortcut for changing Google Ads conversions. Joakim Lindh sheds light on the new Google Design, and Anthony Higman reveals Google’s testing of a highly rated call-out in Local Service Ads.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Google Ads landscape continues to evolve!
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