8 New Microsoft Advertising Updates: Predictive Targeting, Generative AI, and More for RSAs

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Microsoft Advertising

In July 2023, Microsoft Advertising launched some exciting updates. Predictive targeting enables advertisers to reach the right audience at the perfect moment. Enhanced RSA functionality simplifies ad creation, while new generative AI features spark creative ad ideas.

In the last month, Microsoft Advertising shared some news about advertising features for July 2023. They introduced a tool called Predictive Targeting, which uses artificial intelligence to help ads get more people to buy things. They also made Property Promotion Ads include vacation rentals.

Microsoft wants to help PPC Experts/Advertisers reach more customers and save money by making their PPC ads more effective.

1. Predictive Targeting for Audience Ads

Microsoft Advertising has come up with a new advertising tool called Predictive Targeting. This tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find and reach new groups of people who are likely to be interested in the ads. It can help advertisers save time and make their campaigns more effective. 

Even though Predictive Targeting can be used alongside existing advertising strategies, there are a few things to consider. One drawback is that advertisers may have less control over who sees their ads. There’s also a risk of wasting money on ads that reach the wrong audience, which could harm the brand’s reputation.

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2. Improving RSA with the Strength of Generative AI

Microsoft Advertising is working on making advertising better with artificial intelligence (AI). One exciting development in this area is called responsive search ads (RSA).

Now, when you create or edit RSA, Microsoft is using AI to suggest headlines and descriptions for you. These suggestions are based on your website’s address and are organized neatly, of better quality, and more varied.

When you are making your ad, you can choose from several suggested headlines and easily use multiple suggestions with just one click.

These suggestions are also available in 35 different languages. The system can automatically detect the language of your website and provide recommendations accordingly.

Learn more about responsive search ads here: About responsive search ads (microsoft.com)

3. Auto-Generated Assets and IF Functions in RSA

Responsive search ads automatically create relevant ad content for your audience, saving you time. Enable auto-generated assets to see these ads in action and easily identify which parts were generated automatically. IF functions, coming soon, allow you to customize ad content based on device and target audience, eliminating the need for separate campaigns. This ensures your ads are specific and personalized, delivering the right message to the right people. Contact your account team or support for early access.

Learn more about IF functions here: About IF functions (microsoft.com)

4. Multimedia Ads in DSA Groups Made Easy with Automation

Multimedia ads can make your brand stand out, and Microsoft has some exciting news! You can now use your website content to create amazing automated multimedia ads in DSA ad groups. This means you can overcome the challenge of reaching a large audience by using AI to generate and update visually appealing ads based on your website’s content. You can also use our models to make sure your ads perform at their best.

5. Property Promotion Ads Now Include Vacation Rentals

Microsoft has improved Property Promotion Ads for travel advertisers. These ads showcase vacation rentals and hotels, offering more options on Microsoft platforms. With engaging visuals and customizable features, these ads drive bookings and save advertisers time through the Microsoft Hotel Center.

6. Improvements to Universal Event Tracking

In late May, Microsoft let you know about some new features for your Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag. Microsoft has been working hard to make this dashboard even better, and Microsoft has two more improvements to tell you about:

Find your UET tag dashboard in campaign settings.

  • Testing your UET events is now easier: You can now check and test your UET tag in real-time to make sure everything is working correctly. This helps you troubleshoot any issues and ensure success.
  • The longer time period for looking back at performance: The UET overview tab now allows you to see the performance of your tag over a longer period of time. This includes various aspects like events, parameters, and event types.
7. DDA Reporting Becomes Available

Microsoft now offers model comparison reporting, allowing you to understand the impact of each ad interaction on your conversion path. Microsoft’s advanced machine learning DDA model calculates the actual contribution of each ad interaction, different from the previous Last Click Attribution model. Access the report under Reports > Default Reports > Performance > Conversion Model Compare. Analyze data by keyword with various metrics

8. Removal of Old Keyword Planner Features

Finally, Microsoft will be removing some old and rarely used features from Keyword Planner because they are outdated and no longer work with our system. These features include GetKeywordCategories Service Operation, GetKeywordDemographics Service Operation, GetKeywordLocations Service Operation, GetKeywordIdeaCategories Service, as well as the Product Category feature. The removal will happen on August 21, 2023.

Make Microsoft Advertising Better

Microsoft Advertising recently shared some exciting news that shows their dedication to creating a better and smarter advertising system.

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