Conversion rates sky rocket for ZYPWORK Using the power of Google Ads, Magic Clickz’s Digital Marketing Experts were able to cement Zypwork’s position as a market leader.

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Established in 2010, Zypwork specializes in facilities management and cleaning solutions for industrial, commercial and residential projects of all sizes and stature. Zypwork services include Cleaning, Home Remodeling, Interpreter, Food Services, Care Taking and numbers of support services. Their skilled labour force and quick adaptability provide clients with efficient and cost effective solutions.



Zypwork has been in the United States for over 10 years and have many prestigious clients. They wanted to promote their brand online and create awareness for their services. It was clear from the beginning that digital is the way to go forward. They approached Magic Clickz for digital marketing services starting from Google ad words and social media marketing to help them achieve their goals



To kick off Zypwork online marketing, we created a campaign that used very specific targeting methods to ensure the highest possible conversion rates. We ran three separate dynamic ad campaigns to appeal to a variety of audiences and earn more inquiries and sales. The first campaign was aimed at boosting engagements for the zypwork and retargeted ads to the people who had already visited the website, encouraging them to opt services. The second campaign used broad demographic targeting to reach people who had not visited their website. The third used custom audience to retargets ads to customers who had previously hired the personnel.

We launched the campaigns on Facebook with info graphics cre-ative featuring all their services. The campaign featured video ads that directed people to the website to bring greater awareness to the company’s goal. The ads were targeted to a broad audience of people between the ages of 21 and 65 living in United States. The campaign ran throughout the month of May 2020 across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. We also used automatic placements to deliver the ads cost-effectively, as well as campaign budget optimization to identify the best-performing ads.



Zypwork have achieved massive success with Google Campaign. They are currently ranking on the first page of Google in United States for most of their main cleaning services. While house cleaning industry is very competitive in Unites States, Zypwork climbed the top rankings in for their main keywords:


Since we began working with Zypwork, they have continued to see year-on-year improvements.

• 500x return on Ad spend
• 84% decrease in cost per lead
• 137% increase in conversion



Dynamic Ads

Personalize your ads without any manual work

Search ads

Bid on the right keywords to attract customers that
are interested.


Remarketing ads

Improve your brand recall and conversion rates.

Facebook ads

Increase your customer attribution and lead to more conversions.

Automatic Replacement

Optimize your ads to find the most efficient placement.

Custom Audience

Reach your customers and contacts on Facebook.

Video ads

Capture attention with engaging video ads.

Instagram ads

Increase your customer base and drive awareness through instagram ads.

Client Words

“The work done by Magic Clickz Team has been exemplary. We started getting positive improvements with a few days of engagement. Not only were the results visible and actionable, the constant innovation introduced over the period of engagement helped us get results way beyond the brief of the project. Add to it the infectious and professional approach to the work, prompt client servicing and very hands on approach. We did try talking to ppc experts earlier but this engagement has been an eye opener and we wish the team all the success in this venture. Thanks for the good work”

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