Shop Crush brand, almost tripled its return on ad spend thanks to its full-funnel approach and through ingenious use of Google Ad Campaigns.
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Danielle Marie is a swimwear, beachwear and accessories Guru, design- ing custom luxury swimwear for over 10 years. She started in New York creating only Bespoke designs for her high end clientele who wanted to stand out against the crowd. Hand making each style one by one. In 2017, she moved to South Florida to expand the company. With this expansion, Danielle was able to create a “quick ship” selection to offer her highly sought after styles to those who did not want custom or a wait time, while keeping her well known custom bespoke experience.


Shopcrush wanted to attract new customers and increase online swimwear sales and quickly capture the attention of new and interested customers. Shop Crush had already established itself as a trustworthy local business, so th company decided to expand its reach and generate more revenue online. They came to us to help increase sales on their Shopify store. Our mission was to improve the performance of Shop Crush Google Ads campaigns, find areas for growth, and also make their website more visible in Google search results.


We reviewed Shop Crush’s advertising and SEO strategies, identify the weaknesses and apply the best practices to bring more relevant paid and organic traffic to their website. We also consulted the Shop Crush team on the website structure, best design practices, and proper tracking of their sales. We started with optimizing Shop Crush’s Google Search ads, and then we expanded to Google Shopping, Display & Remarketing Campaigns. Finally, our team devel- oped an integrated sales strategy for Shop Crush using PPC campaigns. The results turned out to be stunning.





• We came up with a two-fold solution- one was to analyse the Digital media trends and target potential customers and generate leads. The second was to re-market and reach out to users who had previously visited our client’s website and encourage them to purchase their products.
• The content and creative images that were created for the Adwords Campaign were to the point, highly attractive, and conveyed a clear message a out Shop Crush vision to sell their luxury designer swimwear and bikini online.
• We used an integrated digital marketing strategy to specifically
target B2B clients from each specific location.
• Our team implemented the best cost per click strategy based on every device and pin code.
• We also managed to generate maximum leads in minimum cost by optimizing the lead nurturing activity. products.
We helped Shopcrush build their brand via a full-service Brand strategy and development service that created a niche and unique identity perfectly positioned in the swimwear & bikini retail marketplace. We created brand awareness and lead generation campaign specifically designed to create constant and consistent awareness that in turn drives sales


The combination of Brand, Search & Shopping Campaigns performed very well. The February & March 2021 sale campaigns
resulted in February-March being one of the best sales months in
Shop Crush’s history. Result included massive growth:

• 1409% ROAS exceeding their initial target
• 3,40,000 Monthly Interactions
• Lowered lead cost by 74%
• Reached more than 1 Million unique viewers
• Generated the revenue of $1,700,285
• 7000 Transactions in a span 3 months



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