Shawnee Dentistry and Braces generates 1.1M impressions with a $5.10 average cost per lead and turned their painful PPC woes into a tremendous success.

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Shawnee Dentistry and Braces is based out of Shawnee Oklahoma. It has a rich history of patient care and community services they focus on creating a family atmosphere between its staff and patients, treating its patients with dignity and compassion. Not only do they meet the medical, emotional, and health needs of their patients, but also serves the overall health of the community through their fitness center. They’re also constantly looking to the future by training the nextgeneration of doctors.



Shawnee’s mission is to make professional, affordable dental care available to a wider population. They wanted to continue their growth trajectory to reach even more people in need of their services. They turned to PPC, knowing that a paid strategy is one of the quickest, and most effective, ways to market a brand. But it can also be one of the most expensive, if the campaigns aren’t run efficiently

With this in mind, Shawnee Dentistry looked for a digital marketing company that had a proven track record and a history of success within the medical industry at gaining an immediate and worthwhile return on a company’s investment.

That’s when Shawnee Dentistry turned to Magic Clickz

By the time they approached the Magic Clickz, the Shawn Dentistry team was struggling to see the results they knew they should see with their paid advertising. It wasn’t a lack of spending that was the problem. It was that their campaigns weren’t targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message. 


We rolled up our sleeves, put on our safety goggles, and dove headfirst into polishing up, and filing down, Shawnee Dentistry’s PPC strategy so that they’d get the return on investment they deserved. Although Shawnee Dentistry’s had an existing PPC strategy in place, our team went back to the drawing board to ensure the foundation of their paid strategy house was built solidly and designed for long-term growth.

This started with creating an extensive keyword list based on the dozens of key services provided by Shawnee Dentistry’s including symptom-based terms, and removing broad match keywords driving non-converting traffic.


To further minimize wasted spending, we also created a robust negative keyword list designed to ensure that the ads we launched would appear only to the client’s ideal prospects. Launching brand campaigns allowed us to quickly capture additional search volume and improve the account’s quality score upon re-launch while inching out competitors who had previously capitalized on Shawnee Dentistry’s’ lack of branded PPC efforts.

Knowing whom we were targeting, and when in the buyer’s journey our ads would be displayed, our creative team got to work refreshing ad copy that highlighted our client’s value propositions and monthly specials, giving patients numerous avenues to book an appointment.

We consulted with the Shawnee Dentistry’s development team to ensure landing pages were relevant in content, responsive for mobile and easy to convert.

We achieved high quality scores for most of the converting keywords, Which helped us to compete more in the positions and reduces cost per click, thus results in Good Conversions in less costs!

We also launched a Display Ads campaign targeting set of websites that provides dental information and patients are likely to visit and compelled to take actions as they are already thinking about their dental needs. We also used contextual keywords targeting and bid on relevant keywords this improved their return on investment. We began to see results within the first 5 days, they started to see leads come in at a rapid rate! We encouraged them to increase their content online and utilize offline sources like direct mail to lead parents to it.

After few years with them, we have drastically increased the awareness and number of new patients. Each campaign sees steady growth each year and they are considered the pediatric dentist of choice in the areas they serve.



Clicks are one thing, but when it comes to growing a dental practice, it’s far more important to increase the number of leads you capture. By establishing both appointment scheduling and phone call tracking, we were able to assess the success of our PPC campaigns on responses.

Our work isn’t finished. In the short time we’ve worked with Shawnee Dentistry’s, we’ve delivered the following results:

1000% Increase in leads
11.1 M Impressions Delivered
93% increase in new patient’s volume




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Client Words

The Magic Clickz Agency is the only Google PPC agency you should work with if you want to drive quality leads to your business. I have been working with the team for over a year and they have been an excellent partner along the way. They have delivered double digit growth so far and I would safely say that I would not trust anyone else with my PPC advertising. It is a pleasure to work with Magic Clickz. They have an analytical mind and is knowledgeable about traditional marketing, as well as how new digital tools should best be used to drive awareness for a business. I would highly recommend working with them if you have the opportunity.

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