“Ricciutis Kitchen goes hyper local with Google and Facebook ads to stay independent and serve its customers directly”
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increase in monthly orders and 75% increase in sales
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Ricciutis is well rated pizza restaurant located at Olney, MD United States. Ricciuti’s opened the restaurant to bring authentic, high quality, freshly made pizza to pizza lovers all over the state. Reviewers have often cited that their pizza & salads are the best in town. Ricciutis has gone from a small takeway to a multi-award winning restaurant business in US, with plans to open few more outlets in the future.


• Improve search ranking for Ricciutis Kitchen’s brand-name related terms
• Get more customers ordering pizza from the Ricciutis Kitchen
• Turn one-time orders into regular customers by understanding their needs
• Reach more potential customers with minimal ad spend


Ricciuti’s enjoyed early success and growth, but as the business grew, they felt they were missing out on having a direct connection to customers online. Pizza lovers were going through delivery services to order from Ricciutis Kitchen, which meant that Ricciutis and his team weren’t learning anything about their customers, like what their favourite pizzas were, or what kind of promotions they favoured. Realising that we turned to Digital Restaurant, Google Ads and Social Media for a solution. We started looking for new ways to keep people coming back, and keep that personal connection going strong.”

We were looking for Another factor to keep in mind was that the business needed to drive its marketing efforts, but it also needed to keep making quality pizza. Ads would have to be targeted and results-oriented, freeing up Ricciutis and his team to focus on delivering great-tasting pizza.




• Riccitius campaigns enjoyed 50% lower CPA
• 550% increase in monthly orders and 75% increase in sales
• 1387.96% return on ad spend
• 1,73M Ad Impressions
• Incremental Sales through 5097 new customers


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