Platinum health supply partnered with Google Ads for its sales, and earned a 7.7X return on ad spend.
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Platinum Health Supply is Australian owned and operated business that aims to provide a high level of service within each and every purchase. They aim to take every client and future customer through a journey that explores the widest range of PPE products to meet any type of organization’s needs.

Platinum Health Supply is more than just one stop shop for all things PPE, but a trusted adviser that knows how to keep your organization health & safety compliant.



Platinum Health Supply came to us looking for support with digital marketing and Google AdWords in order to drive the business. Build a strong online presence across Google through targeted content. Generate leads through paid advertisements for PPE kits bulk order. The main goal was to only target B2B clients who may require PPE kits for daily work and would be willing to buy it in bulk. Crisp and clear communication to outrank competitors on the basis of best account management and spend metrics.


We came up with a two-fold solution- one was to analyze the Digital media trends and target potential customers and generate leads. The second was to re-market and reach out to users who had previously visited our client’s website and encourage them to purchase their products.

The content and creative images that were created for the AdWords Campaign were to the point, highly attractive, and conveyed a clear message about Platinum Health Supply business vision to sell PPE kits online

We used an integrated digital marketing strategy to specifically target B2B clients from each specific location. Our team implemented the best cost per click strategy based on every device and pin code.

We also managed to generate maximum leads in minimum cost by optimizing the lead nurturing activity.



• With the help of expert Google marketing strategies, we managed to adhere to and surpass our client’s requirements and managed to deliver the desired results well in time with ROI.

• We generated 80% leads within a month of the launch of the lead generation campaign for PPE kits.
• The average leads per day increased to 50 leads.

1,59,000 Impressions Received
$50,000 Conversion Value Per Month
1000% ROAS Achieved
95% increase in revenue



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Client Words

We worked closely with Neeraj to define a campaign that would test the impact of its chan-nels in a robust way. Neeraj assisted in planning to ensure we were adhering to best practices so that the campaign had the best chance of success. The results have exceeded our expectations, showing us the power of the platform to deliver meaningful sales outcomes.

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