The North Park Family Dental worked with Google Ads to more efficiently validate, connect with and follow up with potential leads – resulting in a 3.5X higher conversion rate compared to its website.

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North Park Family Dental is the Edmond dentist. Their Edmond dental office provides a wide variety of dental services in a warm and comfortable environment. With extensive experience and advanced training, their dental providers have become recognized as leading dentists in Edmond. The highly trained staff is committed excellence and are intent on providing you with outstanding patient care. By using advanced state of the art technology and expert technical skills they are able to provide beautiful, long lasting results for the patients. They truly value the families and individuals they treat and try to deliver the highest quality of care and dental excellence to residents of Edmond, The Village, Luther, Seward, Piedmont, Bethany, Choctaw, Oklahoma City, and other surrounding communities.



North Park Family Dental already had a strong commitment to informed patient service, modern facilities, and a great patient-focused staff. There was just one problem: they needed patients. The region has some strong dental offices in the area, so North Park Family Dental knew they needed to effectively connect with the area’s largest demographics: families and young adults. They wanted to rebrand their business on Google and were relying on the AdWords to drive new patient acquisition and to drive qualified leads through the funnel.


We crafted and employ a multi-channel approach for driving qualified leads, harnessing the power of branding and organic and paid search.
Our strategy consisted of two parts:

  1. Rebrand website to reflect new practice identity: We amended a clean website optimized for conversion, making it easy for visitors to take desired actions like scheduling an appointment. A high converting website is key. You can get lots of traffic, but without a high conversion rate, it’s meaningless.
  2. Create paid search campaigns targeting high revenue, low competition keywords: Next, we launched an Google AdWords Campaign focused on high revenue keywords such as dental veneers and emergency dentist. On average, Google ads convert at 5% and drive an additional 200 site visits per month. Site visitors that originate from AdWords convert at 20%. That’s an additional 30-40 calls and contact requests each month.


Since Magic Clickz began working with North Park Family Dental, site visitors have doubled and website conversion rate has increased to 48% (including click-to-calls and appointment requests). Paid and organic search now drive an additional 50-60 new patients each month, 1/4 of total new patients. The focus on high-revenue keywords, such as emergency dentistry and veneers, has increased the average lifetime value of new patient and client sees a 800% return on their marketing. dollar investment

1,500 new patients
generated over 2,500 enquiries
800% Return on marketing investment



Search ads

Bid on the right keywords to attract customers that
are interested.


Custom Audience

Reach your customers and
contacts on Facebook.


Dynamic Ads

Personalize your ads without any manual work

Remarketing ads

Improve your brand recall and conversion rates.

Client Words

Magic Clickz is the company to go to for help in growing your business. The entire team lives and breathes your business just like a true team member. They’re excellent in developing the right strategy while ready to make necessary changes based on the data. If you are looking for marketing success, I highly recommend Magic Clickz. Neeraj and the team is very thorough and thoughtful. They have the ability to tackle difficult issues and the analytical skills to work out plans to run a profitable campaign. Neeraj has done an absolutely excellent job managing our PPC program. Cost-conscious, ROI minded.

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