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Goodbyes are hard, aren’t they? But here with a goodbye we are welcoming a new standard known as Google analytics 4 or GA4 from July 1, 2023. Yes, that is right Google analytics 4 or GA4 is replacing universal analytics, it came into existence in the year 2005 and since then it is a go to platform for the websites where it determines user traffic on the website, the amount of time they stayed on a website also can track the source of traffic and collects all the relevant data, which is great for the actual working of a website.

This was a little brief about universal analytics, now let us see what it is being replaced with and let’s see what else Google analytics 4 or GA4 has to offer us


We can say that Google Analytics 4 is a complete new version of universal analytics, it is capable of collecting not only website data but also app data to understand the user in a better way, also one can easily upgrade to GA4 without any harm to the previous data of the website. Here we can also say that GA4 analytics use much more flexible, event based reporting which gives the data more accurate to the user.

Now let us talk about some of the features of GA4

1.  GA is capable of creating and tracking up to 300 events

Yes, GA4 allows you to create and track up to 300 events per         property, also the basic events are already tracked by GA4 between automatically tracked events and enhanced measurement events.

2. Tracks up to 30 conversions(Goals)

Here in google analytics conversion tracking is more easy and smooth as compared to event tracking. In universal analytics, you can track up to 20 conversions(goals) but in GA4 users can track up to 30 conversions.

3. Easily create Audience Segments

GA4 allows us to create audience segments without having to save them but if we see the same thing universal analytics we need to create the audience everytime we wanted to filter an audience.

4. GA4 is offering us the most newest feature Anomaly Detection

You will find something new here that this feature anomaly detection of GA4 helps you to find out that something was about to happen on the site, but it didn’t which was not available earlier with universal analytics.

Why Choose Google Analytics 4?

  • Gaining more insights about users and its behavior.
  • Able to discover what exactly engages users.
  • More upgraded features as compared to universal analytics.
  • More Flexibility than universal analytics.
  • Simplified goals and event setup.
  • Capable of creating more powerful audience for ad campaigns.
  • More intelligent tracking features along with user privacy.

Universal Analytics VS Google Analytics 4

Measurement Model

Universal analytics uses the measurement model which is based on session but GA4 uses measurement model based on events.

Tracking ID

In universal analytics we use tracking ID via Google tag manager to set up tracking whereas in GA4 we use the measurement ID via google tag manager.

Automatic Event Tracking

In GA4 we get automatic tracking of different types of events but this same thing is not possible with universal analytics, Some of these are :-
-Site searching tracking
-Tracking file downloads
-Video engagement tracking

Cross Platform Tracking

GA4 collects data from website as well as from the app and is known for more reliable data tracking whereas universal analytics do not track data from app.

To wrap it up in the above topic we can say that the changes which are introduced in google analytics 4 are much more advanced and user friendly and are coping up with today’s advanced world.

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