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Opened in 2011, Heartbreaker Salon has continuously been rated as one of the best hair salon Vancouver. They are a Davine Concept salon meaning, only use high quality hair care products that are environmentally friendly to planet earth. They specialize in Vivid Balayage, Ombre, Highlights and other hair coloring services. Heartbreaker is made up of stylists who are carefully considered to reflect their brand. Each stylist has the heartbreaker core values, strengths, skills and qualities that make the environment the warm and welcoming salon clients come to know of.



Heartbreaker is a sleek and modern hair salon in Vancouver. They specialize in Vivid, Balayage, Ombre, Highlights and other hair coloring services like no one else. In addition, they also do wedding and special occasion hairstyles, and quality haircuts for men, women and children. As a full-service salon offering unique high-class services, Heartbreaker was not experiencing the business they expected to see.

Their previous branding did not adequately highlight and accentuate the range of their services; so Heartbreaker came to us needing a campaign that would give their clients a more straightforward, informative, and overall enjoyable experience as well as marketing to match their distinctive brand. Just as the stylists at Heartbreaker are professionals in their industry, we are experts in ours. We were able to transform the marketing efforts to effectively portray Heartbreaker as the contemporary, five-star salon that it is.






Getting a steady stream of paying customers is essential for every business, which is why we created and managed Google ad campaigns that were specifically designed to capture “buy” ready clients. We worked on creating search ads with quality content and getting featured on top of the Google search results.


To attract more buyers and nurture purchase intent, we adopted a “full-funnel” strategy on Facebook and Instagram to guide people from awareness to visit their place. Various campaign kicked off with a series of video and static ads targeting to an 18- to 50-year-old female audience. The ads created greater resonance amongst audiences and greater interest for the services

Next, we created a Custom Audience of people who had either registered or provided their contact information in-store, using that to create a lookalike audience. In this way, the brand was able to reach more prospective customers, hone its retargeting ad strategy and push out additional information to fuel the buyers’ interest.

In running the marketing mix modeling study, Heartbreaker learned that all of the digital platforms employed in the campaign provided a higher return on investment than traditional offline channels, like out-of-home ads and magazines. And, among digital platforms, Facebook and Instagram garnered the highest returns


Heartbreaker came to us looking for more leads via online bookings and in-house phone calls. We are proud to say that, in the span of only eight months, we have seen the number of bookings for Heartbreaker Salon go up by over 400%

• 1228% increase in conversions
• leads increased by 1,700% resulting store visits up by 70%
• The cost per conversion fell by over 84%
•Experienced 100% higher return on ad spend compared to previous remarketing strategy




Dynamic Ads

Personalize your ads without any manual work

Search ads

Bid on the right keywords to attract customers that
are interested.


Remarketing ads

Improve your brand recall and conversion rates.

Instagram ads

Increase your customer base and drive awareness through instagram ads.

Facebook ads

Increase your customer attribution and lead to more conversions.

Client Words

“We highly recommend Neeraj Dudani for anyone looking to bring out the best in their business!” Since teaming up with Neeraj Dudani, our business has grown substantially. Operating your own business is challenging; trying to find time to manage your campaigns is a full time job on its own. The team at Neeraj Dudani has taken that part of my business and transformed it into something I couldn’t imagine. Our business looks professional and appealing for anyone looking for us, it has brought in tons of new business, and has attracted new clients to pick us first when looking for the services we provide.

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