By finding inactive customers and reaching them with Google ads targeting tools, the excel dentistry increased its conversion rate and achieved a 4.5X return on ad spend.

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The Excel Dentistry specialize in General, Cosmetic, traditional braces, implants and Surgical Dentistry. They are located in Oklahoma City, OK, They’re are just a short drive from Midtown, Bethany, and Nichols Hills. They strive to improve the wellbeing of their patients by preserving healthy tissues and preventing oral disease. By using advanced state of the art technology and expert technical skills they are able to provide beautiful, long lasting results for the patients.



The Excel Dentistry’s Marketing Director, became frustrated with AdWords after managing the account himself. He had
a few substantial issues, after running the campaign for three weeks, he realized that he was unaware of the results the
campaign had yielded and at what cost. The lack of tracking efforts was directly causing him to doubt the effect of
Google AdWords. The cost per clicks for the dental industry are very high. Their website was not properly optimized to attract customers and conduce to conversions.

We established goals with the owners that would allow them to improve their firm’s ROI with the aid of Google Ad-

Build a campaign that mimics the website structure so that we are able to be very specific about ad group and keyword

selection to counterattack the high CPCs of the industry.

Be able to reach the ideal target audience (i.e. people in the targeted location in need of the main services).
Install tracking mechanisms so that we can know, and back up with data the impact that our campaign is having.Get at least 75 leads per month coming from the AdWords campaign.


We took the following steps to decrease the overall cost per conversion while maximizing the number of leads:

Recommending a new website that was optimized to provide a great user experience and improve the amount of conversions coming from the website’s visitors.

The ad copy in the ads showcased their unique value propositions like the fact that they accept walk-ins, have payment plans available for people with no insurance and their numerous new patient specials and much more.

The ad copy in the ads showcased their unique value propositions like the fact that they accept walk-ins, have payment plans available for people with no insurance and their numerous new patient specials and much more.


In order to maximize the budget, the campaign focused on advertising the company’s main services such as Dental Implants and Teeth Whitening.
We focused on advertising their main services within a 30 km radius of their location, where their office is located and the majority oftheir patients live.
Call and Conversion tracking were installed on the site to monitor the ROI from the campaigns. In addition to this, Google analytics was used to further monitor performance.



In the first month of running our new campaigns, we came close to reaching our target goal with 49 registered leads. The average revenue per lead generated was tremendous, and ground-breaking for the industry, not to mention way higher than expected given the initial goals both we and the owners set. The continuous success of the Excel Dentistry could not have been achieved without a concise PPC campaign that allowed to find quality keywords that convert at a low cost and the appropriate tracking. At this point, the owners have been recently signed up for our SEO services, and we are in talks about expanding into advertising with Bing.
Increase in revenue up to 1603%
85% Increase in Conversions
45% drop in Cost Per Acquisition



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Reach your customers and contacts on Google.

Dynamic Ads

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Improve your brand recall and conversion rates.

Client Words

Magic Clickz did a fantastic job of enhancing our company’s web presence and conversions. Their various marketing tools and strategies never fail to drive prompt results as we saw a tremendous increase in website traffic and conversions for our business. We were not only able to set a campaign for the desired keywords but also reduce our expenditure for Google ads without a drop-off in page hits. It helped us to achieve our business goals and reach out to people who are less aware of the latest dental treatments. If you need PPC, I don’t think you can find a service better than Magic Clickz.

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