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Marketing is the essence of any business and without marketing, it is impossible to survive the day-to-day competition. Who isn’t aware of these things?

But I am pretty sure that many people do not know anything about remarketing.

Let me take you for a quick tour and gain some extra knowledge about remarketing and its importance.

What is remarketing?

The word itself has its meaning of Re-marketing which says it focuses on the people who have already been there on your website or clicked on your ad, it can also be a Google search or the users who follow your brand on social media. We can also call it a follow-up on a lead. Google Ads Experts popularly use this type of marketing to focus on reminding people about your brand, re-generate their interest in your brand, and hopefully convert them into a customer. You can remarket through various channels Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc

But here we’ll focus on Google Ads remarketing and how it works for the betterment of your business – 

Remarketing is a way to connect the people who once have visited your website, basically, it helps you increase your brand awareness and remind those audiences to make a purchase from your website. It also helps in driving traffic to your website effectively.

How does Remarketing Work?

If you are aware of how to advertise your business through Google Ads, all you need to do is add a remarketing code which is also known as a tag to your website so that the people visiting your website can get added to the remarketing audiences. One can also customize the code according to your different landing pages

Using remarketing strategy you can also show Google Ads to the people who have already visited your website at least once

It is recommended by Google that when you are starting your  remarketing campaign, you begin by targeting the people who viewed your homepage the website

Best Practices of Google Ads Remarketing –

Identifying the keywords which were proven to be given the best results and focus your remarketing bids on them

If we talk in the terms of keyword options, instead of going with phrase match or exact match, we should here go with broad match. That’s because we already have narrowed down the audience, so it can be an advantage here.

Usage of engagement tracking is also found useful here

Mistakes to avoid while creating Remarketing campaigns

Ignoring blunders in Ad copies

Ad copies should be quite engaging and should have a profitable action. If we are using a remarketing list we should make sure to use creative ad copy that honors conversion prospects, ideally overcoming objections to conversion.

Targeting small audiences 

Targeting small audiences can also be an issue, the budget will eventually suffer and struggle to serve. If the audience which we are targeting is less than 1000 people, there can be an issue to serve them. This is an important point to remember while creating a remarketing campaign.

Not providing enough budget for Remarketing Campaigns

This is a common mistake that is often made by advertisers that they fail to get the point that the budget provided might not be enough for the campaign and they expect great results as quick as possible, not to forget that allocating the right budget which is enough for the campaign is also important for the achievement of its goals.

Unspecified Locations

Not being specific with the locations and knowing where exactly your customers are from can be a complete waste of your budget. This is very important to figure out where your customers are from. This can also help you to create a successful remarketing campaign for a small independent school

Let me now take you through one of our success stories with a remarketing campaign

The Goal

  • To boost their visibility within a very niche market
  • Improving online conversions and increasing school enrollments

Our Strategy

Implemented an online marketing strategy to include content marketing, search, and display advertising. Created remarketing campaign to improve brand recall and conversion rates.

The Results

Progress resulting from online marketing has been steady. A significant jump in organic conversions and enrollment in the school were two huge achievements.

  • 320% Increase in organic traffic 
  • 277% Increment in qualified leads
  • 85% Increase in school enrollments

View our whole success story and find more interesting success stories which might change your mind

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