Optimizing for Orders and
Customer Satisfaction Drives
58% Increase in Sales for
Online Steak Retailer

Optimizing for Orders and
Customer Satisfaction Drives
58% Increase in Sales for
Online Steak Retailer


A prominent online butcher specializing in top-tier USDA Prime beef and Wagyu, this niche provider meticulously selects and delivers premium cuts directly to your doorstep. Positioned as a pioneer in gourmet steak delivery, our collaboration involved optimizing Google and Facebook PPC campaigns to enhance digital visibility and engagement for this specialized market.
Order Fulfillment
The niche faced significant challenges with order fulfillment, struggling to attract and retain customers compared to more established competitors in the online meat delivery market. Despite offering high-quality USDA Prime and Wagyu beef, the niche was not receiving sufficient orders to sustain growth and compete effectively. Understanding and addressing these barriers to customer acquisition and retention became crucial in revitalizing their market presence and increasing sales.


Keyword Optimization: Thorough keyword research was conducted, focusing on high-conversion keywords like "buy steaks online," "premium beef delivery," and specific cuts such as "USDA Prime ribeye." These keywords are strategically used in ad copy, and bids are adjusted to prioritize high-conversion terms.

Ad Extensions: Ad extensions such as site link extensions direct users to specific product pages (e.g., Wagyu beef or steak bundles), while callout extensions highlight unique selling points like free shipping or beef club membership.

Remarketing: Remarketing campaigns are in place to target users who have visited the website but did not make a purchase. Ads emphasize offers or discounts to encourage return visits and conversions.

Location Targeting: Targeting specific geographic areas with higher demand for premium meat products has been implemented. Bid adjustments and customized ad copy tailored to local preferences are utilized based on location performance.

Google Shopping Ads: Google Shopping campaigns are set up to showcase product images, prices, and reviews directly in search results. Product feeds are optimized to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is displayed.

Audience Targeting: Detailed targeting options on Facebook are used to reach users interested in gourmet cooking, food enthusiasts, and specific demographic profiles likely to purchase premium meats. Custom audiences based on website visitors or customer email lists are leveraged for remarketing.

Compelling Visuals: High-quality images of steaks and meat dishes are prominently featured to attract attention. The quality and marbling of USDA Prime and Wagyu cuts are highlighted to enhance product appeal.

Video Ads: Engaging video content showcasing cooking processes, chef recommendations, or customer testimonials has been created. These videos demonstrate the tenderness and juiciness of steaks to drive product interest.

Carousel Ads: Carousel ads are utilized to display multiple products or different cuts of meat within a single ad. This interactive format encourages users to explore various options directly within the Facebook platform.

Offer Promotions: Special offers such as discounts on first orders, bundle deals, and seasonal promotions (e.g., holiday meat packages) are actively promoted. Urgency tactics with limited-time offers are used to create a sense of urgency and drive immediate purchases.



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