Magic Clickz drives Scoopmate Canada's
remarkable 1000% Return on Ad Spend,
achieving a conversion value of $19.13 in
just 1 month.a Remarkable Rise to 3000+
Purchases with CPC at Just $0.37!

Magic Clickz drives Scoopmate Canada's
remarkable 1000% Return on Ad Spend,
achieving a conversion value of $19.13 in
just 1 month.a Remarkable Rise to 3000+
Purchases with CPC at Just $0.37!


The market for smart pet products is booming, as highlighted in recent industry reports. Among the standout innovations is the self-cleaning litter box, which has seen a surge in popularity. Scoopmate Canada is at the forefront of this trend, offering an affordable and technologically advanced self-cleaning litter box designed to make pet care easier and more hygienic. With the aim of revolutionizing pet care for cat owners, our team at Magic Clickz partnered with Scoopmate Canada to develop and execute a robust digital advertising strategy. Leveraging a mix of speed, cost-effectiveness, and creativity, we achieved an impressive 1283% Return on Ad Spend in just 1 month, significantly boosting brand awareness and sales for Scoopmate Canada in the competitive pet products market.

Educating the Market:

Smart self-cleaning litter boxes are a new concept. We needed to inform potential
customers about Scoopmate Canada's benefits and features.

Creating Share of Search:

With no existing market share, we aimed to boost Scoopmate Canada's
visibility and recognition.

Differentiating from Competitors:

In a competitive market, our goal was to highlight Scoopmate Canada's
affordability, advanced technology, and convenience.

Establishing Credibility:

We needed to build trust with potential customers in a market-dominated
by established brands.


Keyword Targeting: Focused on high-intent keywords like “self-cleaning litter box” and “automatic cat litter box” to attract customers ready to purchase.

Ad Extensions: Used site link extensions, callout extensions, and structured snippets to provide additional information and drive higher click-through rates.

Dynamic Search Ads: Implemented to automatically generate relevant ad headlines and landing pages based on the website content, maximizing coverage and efficiency.

Product Feed Optimization: Ensured product titles, descriptions, and images were optimized for relevance and attractiveness to increase the likelihood of clicks and conversions.

Custom Labels: Used to segment products based on performance metrics, enabling more precise bidding strategies and budget allocation.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA):Targeted previous visitors with tailored ads to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Automated Targeting and Bidding: Leveraged Google's machine learning to automatically serve ads across all Google inventory, optimizing for the best performance.

Asset Groups: Created specific asset groups tailored to different customer personas and product features to ensure personalized and relevant ad experiences.

Audience Signals: Provided Google with first-party audience data to guide machine learning algorithms in finding and converting high-value users.

Video Ad Sequencing: Developed a series of video ads to tell a cohesive story about Scoopmate Canada's products, capturing attention and building interest over time.

Custom Intent Audiences: Targeted users based on their recent search be havior to ensure ads were shown to people actively looking for related products.

In-Stream and Discovery Ads: Utilized both ad formats to maximize reach and engagement, driving traffic to the website, and increasing brand awareness.

Targeted Audiences: Used detailed targeting options to reach cat owners and pet enthusiasts, ensuring ads were shown to a highly relevant audience.

Lookalike Audiences:Created lookalike audiences based on existing customers to find new potential buyers with similar characteristics and behaviors.

Carousel Ads: Showcased multiple product features and benefits in a single ad unit, encouraging users to explore more and increasing engagement.

Story Ads:Leveraged the immersive full-screen format of Instagram Stories to de liver visually engaging ads that highlight the product's key features.

Shopping Tags: Enabled shopping tags on posts and stories to allow users to easily purchase products directly from the Instagram app, streamlining the buying process.



We’ve crafted tailored display ads for Google and Facebook, along with impactful videos for YouTube, aimed at maximizing the success of’s ad campaigns. These creatives are designed to attract and engage the target audience effectively, showcasing the innovative features and benefits of Scoopmate’s pet care solutions across multiple digital platforms.


Within just 1 month, Scoopmate
achieved remarkable success:

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