Kingdom Beauty Supplies

Targeting High-Value Customers
Fuels 80% Revenue Surge for
Kingdom Beauty Supplies.


Kingdom Beauty Supplies is a premier provider of professional beauty products. With multiple retail
locations, a robust eCommerce platform, and a strong presence in top salons and spas, they selected
Magic Clickz a to revamp their advertising strategy across Google.


Limited visibility in competitive online markets.

Difficulty in reaching and engaging with a targeted audience.

Inadequate conversion rates despite website traffic.

Struggling to stand out among similar brands in the beauty
supplies industry.


Account Structure: We revamped the campaign structure to cater specifically to the diverse needs of Kingdom Beauty Supplies’ customer base. This involved segmenting campaigns by customer type—direct consumers and professional salons. By structuring campaigns this way, we gained precise control over budget allocation and bidding strategies, optimizing our ability to capture relevant traffic and maximize conversion opportunities across different audience segments.

Keyword Research: In response to low click-through rates and limited search impression share, we conducted extensive keyword research. This process focused on identifying high-potential keywords and long-tail variations that resonate with Kingdom Beauty Supplies’ target audience. These keywords were strategically integrated into our campaigns using various match types to ensure relevance and maximize ad visibility.

Performance Max (PMax) Campaigns: Introducing Performance Max campaigns allowed Kingdom Beauty Supplies to expand their reach across multiple Google networks, including Search, Display, and YouTube. PMax campaigns are designed to automatically optimize bids and placements in real-time, maximizing conversion value based on predefined goals. By leveraging PMax, we aimed to enhance brand visibility, attract high-intent traffic, and drive significant revenue growth efficiently.

Search Ads Campaigns: Our Search Ads campaigns were meticulously structured to align with user search intent and product offerings. By focusing on relevant keywords and ad copy optimization, we aimed to improve click-through rates and ad relevance, ultimately driving qualified traffic to Kingdom Beauty Supplies’ website. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of bidding strategies ensured optimal campaign performance and cost-effectiveness.

Remarketing Ads: Recognizing the importance of remarketing to capture missed opportunities, we implemented tailored remarketing strategies. Custom audiences were created and segmented based on visitor behavior and engagement levels within the sales funnel. By delivering personalized ad content to each audience segment, we aimed to nurture leads and guide them towards conversion, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of our advertising spend.



Over the course of our campaign implementation, Kingdom Beauty
Supplies achieved impressive outcomes that underscore our strategic
approach and campaign effectiveness:

Drove 47,128 conversions, highlighting their effectiveness
Achieved extensive brand visibility with 118.1 million impressions, reaching a wide audience
0 M
Optimized bidding strategies achieved a competitive average cost-per-click of $0.81, maximizing efficiency
$ 0
5,879 phone calls were generated through effective engagement strategies, fostering numerous customer inquiries and interactions


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